1. Why would I buy garments online?

We understand that it is difficult to buy goods online and clothing purchases can be doubly difficult. We wish to minimise the loss of yours and our time and ensure you buy the correct garment. Therefore, we will provide as much information as possible on each garment regarding fabric content, description, sizing, fit, colours, etc to ensure your decision to purchase is correct. We prefer to answer questions before the sale than have disappointed clients.

However, if you prefer to touch and see & try on the garments, we highly recommend visiting Lesley’s of Gawler for the full tactile and visual experience. Plus, we have so many more clothes in the store in Gawler than we can ever show online!

2. Are my financial details safe?

Yes. On Lesley’s of Gawler website, you will see the website address as http: When you are ready to make payment and click on ‘Buy Now’, you will have two options. Either choose the Paypal option or if you prefer not to use Paypal, Lesley’s of Gawler will link to a secure, verified and trusted online payment system called Stripe. You will see a small lock image by the website address or https: The “s” means it is secure.

However, we do not actually process or retain your credit or debit card payment information on Lesley’s of Gawler website. This is all completed by Paypal or Stripe our trusted online payment company.

Lesley’s will receive a record of the transaction including your name and address and what you have purchased so we can send the garments. With Stripe payments, Lesley’s only see the last 4 digits of the card used online, to ensure any refunds will be credited against the correct card. With Paypal, we don’t see any of your card or account details used.

3. Is my personal information safe?

Yes. Our website is protected by a major online security company with top notch company protecting it against hacking and fraud.

4. Will you share my details or pass on my information to anyone else?

We will not pass on your details to any other company or authority other than what is required to comply with online retail legislation.

5. What about the newsletters?

We will send out newsletters potentially once a month using Mailchimp. The names and addresses are kept by ourselves and the Mailchimp site. We ask for your first & last names plus email address and postcode. Why the postcode? We use this to see how far Lesley’s of Gawler is reaching and how effective we are as an online store on a national and international basis.

6. What sizes do Lesley’s of Gawler stock?

We have included an Australian size guide here. So if you aren’t sure of your size, please check your measurements against the guide. If an item is meant to be a loose or fitted we will put this in the description. If there is a variation between the manufacturer and the standard size, we will put this information in the description of the item.

Lesley’s of Gawler cater for size 8 – 26 (Australian sizes)

Not all items will be in this full size range as it will depend on the manufacturer and the style of the item. Some styles won’t suit all sizes or ages.

The smallest size is either an 8 or S (Small) in dresses, pants skirts and shirts.

Our largest sizes –

dresses our largest size is usually 24

shirts between 20 – 26

crop pants up to size 24

long pants up to size 26

If you aren’t sure what size you need, please check the size guide. If you have any doubt, we prefer to help rather than you purchasing the incorrect size. Please contact us to provide some measurements in centimetres (or inches) and we can check the item.

7. What if the item is faulty?

We will check the item for faults before posting. Many items will still be in the manufacturer’s packaging. Therefore, we will assume these items to have passed inspection at the factory and be suitable for sale.

If you find a fault within the item, please contact us by phone or email with a copy of your receipt, plus a photo of the fault to us at sales@lesleysofgawler.com.au – We will then authorise the return and replacement or refund of the item.

8. Who pays postage if the item is faulty?

  • If the item must be returned, we will authorise the return and send an authorisation number and Return Postage label to you.
  • We WILL NOT ACCEPT any items without our authorised return number or label. Payment On Delivery items, or:
  • CLEARANCE SALE items. These are drastically discounted so you must verify the size before purchase. We will not provide return or refund options on these items unless faulty. We will check these items before postage to ensure any faulty returns are minimised.

9. What are your opening hours at the store in Gawler, South Australia?

Monday-Friday 09:30 – 16:30
Saturday: 09:30 – 15:00
Sunday: 11:00 – 15:00

Please note South Australia is in a different time zone to the other States in Australia.

10. Can I pay over the phone?

Yes. Please choose the garments you want first. You can either send us an email and we’ll call you for payment once we have the order ready. Or call us on +61 (0) 474 043 643.

We will need the Item/inventory number, a description of the item (or copy the link address on the website), the size and colour, your name, address, email address and a phone number, so we can stay in touch and send receipts or call if there is an issue.